eSPRAY Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer Application

disinfection sprayer application


Droplet size matters eSPRAY delivers 30-micron size of droplets

Conventional Sprayer V/S eSPRAY Electrostatic Sprayer

Conventional Sprayer

Droplet Size More Than 250µ

  • Bigger and uneven droplet size
  • Poor coverage
  • Off-target Losses
  • Coalescing to form even larger droplets leading to run off
  • Low accuracy
  • Less efficient
eSPRAY Electrostatic Sprayer

Droplet Size ≈ 30µ

  • Evenly sized chemical droplets carrying negative charge
  • Equally spaced same charge droplets repel each other
  • Uniform superior coverage
  • Target specific
  • High accuracy


Better Coverage

Uniform coverage highly effective in killing pathogens

Reduces Cost

Uses 65% less chemical than conventional sprayer

Reaches Hidden Areas

Electrically charged droplet coat across 360o

Reduces Time

Treat up to 20,000 square feet per hour

Fastest way to Disinfect

Square feet disinfected in one hour

Easiest way to Disinfect

People needed to disinfect 20,000 square feet in one hour

Welcome to eSPRAY

Electrostatic + Spray = eSpray

Founded in 2017, eSPRAY addresses the need to increase farm yield. eSPRAY’s high-tech spraying systems are based on electrostatic technology that helps in sustainable use of pesticides and biochemical.

Vehicle sanitized with eSPRAY

360o Complete Coverage with eSPRAY Electrostatic Sprayers

Disinfection Electrostatic Sprayer by eSPRAY

eSPRAY's Electrostatic Sprayer at Chennai International Airport

Benefits using eSPRAY's Wrap Around Coverage


The electrically-charged droplets from an eSPRAY system provide uniform and complete coverage. Droplets are attracted to the top and undersides of plant-leafs, giving wrap-around 360o coverage, through which farmers can achieve higher yield.


As spray droplets applied through eSPRAY sprayer are negatively charged, they are attracted to the positively-charged or grounded, plant surface. Also, in addition to adhering to plant surface, the negatively charged droplets repel one another, so won’t collect into large droplets that can drop-off a plant. Hence no soil pollution.

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