All About eSPRAY

About eSPRAY

Electrostatic + Spray = eSpray

In 2017 Dashmesh Industries founded a new Brand "eSPRAY" that addresses the need to increase farm yield. eSPRAY’s high-tech spraying systems are based on electrostatic technology that helps in sustainable use of pesticides and biochemical.

eSPRAY is first to manufacture sprayers with electrostatic application in India. Headquartered in city- Alwar, Rajasthan (150 KM from New Delhi), eSPRAY works closely with distributors around the world to offer innovative spraying systems that set the quality standard for pesticides/biochemical spraying in crops & orchards.

eSPRAY innovative spraying systems is a result of technical development that has been conducted in the field of advance spraying. With the rapid growth of electrostatic sprayer in developed nations, eSPRAY counts on its team to perfect the necessary sprayers, aligning commitments with efficiency and economy of producers.

Disinfection Electrostatic Sprayer Fighting Against COVID-19