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STG-01 (with Gasoline engine)

eSPRAY model STG-01 is lightweight and easy to use. The rugged design and good ground clearance makes it possible to use freely in rough terrain.

Suitable for Greenhouse, raw crops and ochards

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Technical Specifications:

Hand held gun with nozzle: 01
Nozzles: 01
Power unit: Gasoline Engine
Liquid container: Backpack tank available in 12 L. and 16 L.)
Hose pipe length: 30 Meters
Flow rate: 150 ML/Min
Spray range: 4.5 – 5.8 Meters
Dimension (H x W x L): 0.5 x .66 x 1.75 (m)
Ground clearance: 0.24m
Weight: 84 Kg

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