The Technology

eSPRAY Sprayers are based on “Coulomb Law”

Opposite charges attract and same charges repel each other

eSPRAY sprayers produce electrically-charged spray droplets
that carried deep into the plant canopy or onto the target in a low pressure, air stream.

eSPRAY’s Technology in Three Steps

Step 1
Spray atomization & negative droplets charging
Step 2
Airborne carries charged droplets towards the plant canopy
Step 3
Force of attraction b/w charged droplets and grounded plant. Therefore spray droplets adhere to upper as well as under side (hidden area) of plant-leafs, giving wrap-around coverage.

Detailed technology

The heart of eSPRAY is the patented “electrostatic nozzle”, whereby the air is combined with liquid, which atomizes the liquid stream to make mist of thousands of tiny spray droplets (those are 30 to 60 microns). Then, just before the mist exists the nozzle, it is exposed to a negative charge. As the mist enters the plant canopy, it stalls, resulting in a “charged” spray cloud inside the canopy and this is when the magic begins.

The electrically–charged droplets are automatically attracted to the “grounded plant”. This charge on the droplets is small, but the force attracting the spray droplets to the “target plant” is up to 75 times greater than the force of gravity. Electrical charging causes a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and the plant, which allow droplets to move in a reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity to coat the underside and back sides of the plant’s leaf, fruits and vegetables. This phenomenon referred to as “electrostatic wrap-around”.

In comparison to conventional sprayers which produces droplets of size more than 250 microns simply run off a leaf and onto the ground. However, all of the spray droplets leaving through eSPRAY nozzle have the same negative polarity of charge, thus they cannot collect into large droplets, and does not fall onto the ground. At the same time, the swirling spray droplets are not attracted to areas already coated and continue to seek out uncovered surface areas until there is uniform coverage (deposition) through out the entire canopy.

Since diseases and insects are usually hidden on the undersides of surface areas and deep inside the canopy. If the spray coverage is non-uniform and lack of reaching to these hidden areas then these diseases and insects can continue to survive. The distinct advantage of eSPRAY’s electrostatic spraying is the increased chance of the disinfectant findings its target.

360o Complete Coverage with eSPRAY Electrostatic Sprayers

Disinfection Electrostatic Sprayer Fighting Against COVID-19